Whistleblowing Facility

Maxwell Stamp is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical behaviour in every aspect of our work, at home and abroad.

We encourage the reporting of any illegality, injustice or breach of health and safety that has occurred or is likely to occur, whether it applies to Maxwell Stamp, our employees, partners, contractors, donors or suppliers, whether in the UK or overseas, in the past or present.

Should you know of any issues, we encourage you to report this to Maxwell Stamp through our confidential reporting system. Please use the form below to report this issue in as much detail and with supporting evidence if possible, and the issue will be investigated in line with Company policy and UK legislation.

Please be aware that whistleblowers have rights protected by law where the issue being reported is a “qualifying disclosure” and is “in the public interest”. Further information may be found in the UK Employment Rights Act 1996.

Providing your personal details is not mandatory and you may report something anonymously. However, please note that if Maxwell Stamp is not able to contact you for further evidence or clarifications, it can only act upon information available in the report or from separate investigations. Regardless of whether you leave your contact details or not, all issues will be fully investigated and, where necessary, appropriate action taken.


Confidential Reporting Form


I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, the information
submitted here is a true and accurate record:



Reports can also be submitted confidentially through the following email or mailing address.



Mailing Address:

Compliance Officer (Confidential)
Maxwell Stamp PLC
Abbot’s Court,
34 Farringdon Lane,
London, EC1R 3AX.