Project Development Management and PPP

Supporting private projects at every stage from initial concept to up-and-running.

From concept and business case design to support with developing financing strategies and implementation of projects, Maxwell Stamp helps provide clarity of thinking throughout the whole of a project’s life span for both our public and private sector partners. We help provide the foundations for economic growth – it’s not just about building things – it’s about the services and benefits that are provided to society as a whole.

Major issues facing our clients, that Maxwell Stamp helps to address, include:

  • Going into new countries and markets where PPPs are a new concept and the Regulatory Authorities are finding their feet.
  • Working with central government ministries, regional and local government authorities, all who have vested interests in PPPs.
  • Mitigating environmental and social impacts of proposed projects, working with communities and a wide range of stakeholders to ensure buy in for PPPs.
  • Providing realistic timetables for project delivery – clients or governments frequently have unrealistic expectations in delivering the benefits of PPPs.
  • Risk. We support clients with managing risk throughout the life cycle of the project, from finance and regulatory risks to project delivery, return on investment and political risks.

Our team has first-hand practical experience of putting together and successfully delivering development projects worldwide, including large-scale and complex mixed-use schemes. Our team comprises highly experienced professionals who have held senior positions in public and private sector organisations. They therefore bring private sector commercial insight as well a detailed understanding of the constraints and methods of working in the public sector. This allows us to support development projects effectively through the entire process.

We understand that every project is unique and our tailored recommendations, underpinned by development appraisals and financial modelling, including sensitivity analysis to assess the impact of changes in selected key variables take account of this.

With over 50 years’ experience in emerging markets and developing countries, we possess a unique understanding of how to operate in the most difficult economic and political environments. We complete projects where others fear to tread.

Supporting Private Projects

Maxwell Stamp supports private investors in developing and structuring projects in developing countries. Our long track record and offices mean we have worked everywhere, we know how things work and how to get things done in these markets. We have experience of taking and promoting projects to government and other public stakeholders and negotiating the contractual framework. This includes identifying and developing projects for investors, carrying out research and analysis to justify projects: market studies, feasibility planning, cost benefit analysis, financial modelling, value for money studies and finding strategic and/or financial partners for project sponsors.

We are regularly asked by clients to support then with the formulation of their projects and provide expert teams to help conceptualise, design, plan, implement and subsequently operate their projects.

Our implementing strategies successfully deliver development projects, putting in place risk mitigation strategies, identifying suitable partners and managing their inputs to deliver on time and on budget – Maxwell Stamp makes things work to an agreed timescale, delivering for our clients the rewards of their investments.

We manage the risks associated with project development: including those relating to subcontractors and suppliers, external stakeholders, quality control, safety and employees.

In recent years we have supported private sector clients on projects to develop ports, hydropower, dams, irrigation, agriculture, housing and education projects, from concept through to implementation – helping raise finance, negotiate legal, regulatory and bureaucratic hurdles surrounding new investments to the value in excess of $2 billion.

Public Private Partnerships

With over 50 years of advising public and private sector clients on policy, infrastructure and finance, and an unbeatable track record in the emerging markets that are increasingly turning to PPP as an infrastructure solution, Maxwell Stamp has the necessary understanding and sensitivity to navigate a safe path through what is often a complex and highly political process. These skills benefit private sector clients participating in PPP tenders as much as the public sector project sponsors.

Our goal is to develop and implement a solution that works, not one that just ticks the boxes of the latest fashionable theories. Our methodologies are tried and tested, and we adjust them to fit each specific situation.

Our in-house team includes internationally recognised experts in structuring and implementing PPPs, along with strategy, economics and financial modelling capabilities. We support our clients at every stage of the PPP process, from project identification, feasibility planning and value-for-money studies, through PPP structuring and tender strategy, to designing and implementing the tender itself. We work with governments to design and implement the legal, administrative and institutional framework to support their PPP programmes and help governments and private investors to renegotiate or if necessary navigate a safe exit when things don’t go as planned.

PPPs require a multi-skilled approach, including legal and technical expertise as well as transaction, strategy and economics skills. We typically team up with internationally renowned legal and technical specialists to offer a complete package to our clients.

Maxwell Stamp is ideally place to support our clients raise the investments they are looking for, with most governments around the world launching PPPs, the sourcing of finance at competitive rates is becoming harder. We provide investors with the confidence that projects we are involved with will deliver and exceed the return on investment planned for our clients, not only providing support with the structuring of the financial investment, but also through our reputation in delivering projects of scale, on time, on budget and to the highest quality and professional standards demanded.

Whether it be the design and implementation of a private project or development of a PPP, we understand the big issues: ensuring the project is viable, fundable, that risks are managed on a constant basis, that the investment is secure and the project delivers to our client and government’s expectations – with Maxwell Stamp you can be sure we will deliver.