Energy and Utilities

Generating innovative approaches and solutions in the complex energy and utilities sectors.

Raising the standards of essential utilities

By energy and utilities we mean electricity, gas, water, wastewater, solid waste and ICT. All are fundamental to a strong economy. So as a sector, it cries out for reliability and efficiency. The sector is comprised of a variety of structures and organisations. Everything from vertically integrated monopolies to open competitive markets; from private national and multi-national operators to State-owned enterprises, regulators and policymakers.

Economics is fundamental to the design and implementation of these reforms. That’s where we come in. We’ve drawn on our core economics expertise to offer a comprehensive menu of services.

A broad spectrum of services

A broad spectrum of clients:

We have no political or ideological axe to grind. That, coupled with our extensive service offering, means that we are ideally qualified to offer essential advice and assistance to anyone in any role in the energy and utilities sectors. That includes

  • policy makers and regulators;
  • PPP partners and privatisation implementation agencies;
  • operators, investors and lenders; and
  • a range of other advisors including engineers, lawyers and accountants.

We see each client and each project as unique. So we never offer off-the-shelf solutions. Our flexible business model, which combines core skills in economics and regulation with access to specialist technical expertise, allows us field a team with precisely the right qualifications for each project. Many of our consultants have worked in the sector, either in government or as regulators or operators. They bring with them the deep understanding and ability to develop practical solutions that only comes with experience.

A key feature of energy and utilities is an inherent natural monopoly element. In the absence of competition, economic regulation is used by governments to protect consumers and investors alike. Given the increasing shift to the private sector for financing and operation, ensuring the quality of regulation is more vital than ever. Regulation is driven by economics. Economics is what we do.

And a broad spectrum of success worldwide

Our long track record of successful energy and utilities projects stretches around the world:

  • In Oman we conducted a comprehensive electricity tariff review with the Authority for Electricity Regulation. Then we advised the government on how to reduce electricity and water subsidies while protecting vulnerable households.
  • In Brazil, we designed a multi-sector regulatory agency for electricity, gas, water, telecoms and transport in Ceará State that has improved efficiency and transparency in these sectors.
  • In Jamaica our recommendations on regulatory benchmarking and data collection in electricity, water and telecoms helped improve the quality and transparency of regulation.
  • And in Afghanistan, we worked with the government to give the Central Authority for Water Supply and Sewerage a streamlined, commercialised corporate structure.